About the Brand

TORCH Warriorwear is a subscription direct to consumer military apparel and lifestyle brand that celebrates, empowers, and serves current and future generations of military warriors. We are committed to helping these warriors looks, feel, and perform at their best— 24/7, 365 days, all over the world. We create technically advanced apparel and products that feature an unmatched combination of comfort, durability, functions and style— all made by a warrior for warriors. In doing so, we have redefined what being a modern day warrior is— giving rise to our tagline: for and by modern day women warriors.

More than a bodysuit.

At TORCH, we know that it’s more than a uniform. Your uniform tells the world who you are and what you do. It is a symbol of safety, identity and unity. That’s why every bodysuit made in Los Angeles is made with comfort and inspiration: our signature embroidery is and will forever be a staple on all of our bodysuits so you can be reminded to be fearless in and out of uniform.

Why wear t-shirts when you can wear a bodysuit?

TORCH believes that what you wear affects how you feel and ultimately how you perform. Every design at TORCH solves real problems that you face everyday — no matter what your day throws at you. If TORCH can elevate your performance — even in small or unexpected ways — imagine the profound impact it can have.

  • Find Your Fire

    Never forget to find your passion. Whether you’re serving or not remember to look inward and see what excites you!

  • Pass the TORCH

    Your only competition is yourself so never feel the need to compete or tear others down. Uplift each other and help those who will come after you.

  • Fearlessly Pursue Excellence

    Always aim for the stars! If you are doing what you love and you have pure intentions do it 100% and do it fearlessly! Remember everything is a lesson or a blessing. 

Meet Our Fearless CEO

Haley Marie McClain Hill
Dancer & Cheerleader | United States Air Force Officer | World Traveler | Reader | Music Lover | Daughter | Sister | Great Friend

Haley Marie lives a fearless life. The trials of becoming an officer in the United States Air Force and the successes of an accomplished NFL Cheerleader gave birth to an extraordinary character; daring, free, and ahead of her time. Her thirst for culture, discovery and travel has helped shape her personality. Her vision for a wardrobe free from constraints and shapelessness, tweaked with tactical accents, created a visionary allure that is timeless and wildly modern. Boots and camo casually paired with iconic bodysuits have created a signature style... That of a modern day woman, a pioneer whose lifestyle and multiple facets forged the values of the brand she founded, and who will forever inspire all women warriors.