Welcome to your fearless girl era. 






More Than A Bodysuit

TORCH Warriorwear is a subscription, direct to consumer military apparel and lifestyle brand that celebrates, empowers, and serves current and future generations of Women Warriors.

We are committed to helping these warriors looks, feel, and perform at their best— 24/7, 365 days, all over the world.

We create technically advanced apparel and products that feature an unmatched combination of comfort, durability, functions and style— all made by a warrior for warriors.

In doing so, we have redefined what being a modern day warrior is— giving rise to our tagline: for and by modern day women warriors.

Our Mission & Vision

At TORCH Warriorwear, we know that it’s more than a uniform.

 Your uniform tells the world who you are and what you do. It is a symbol of safety, identity and unity. That’s why every bodysuit made in Los Angeles is made with comfort and inspiration: our signature embroidery is and will forever be a staple on all of our bodysuits so you can be reminded to be fearless in and out of uniform.

Why wear t-shirts when you can wear a bodysuit?

TORCH believes that what you wear affects how you feel and ultimately how you perform. Every design at TORCH solves real problems that you face everyday — no matter what your day throws at you. If TORCH can elevate your performance — even in small or unexpected ways — imagine the profound impact it can have.

A Letter From Our Fearless CEO

TORCH Warriorwear came from my heart. It came from my 4 years being an Active Duty Air Force officer and my 5 years being an AFROTC cadet at Penn State. I woke up one day wishing there was a more comfortable, CUTER option I could wear underneath my uniform. I know I am not alone when I say those t-shirts just were not cutting it! I loved wearing bodysuits but never saw a bodysuit the color and cut I needed to wear in uniform. So, I took my butt down to LA and asked around until I found an amazing team of people to bring these bodysuits to life.

You might be wondering "Why do I need a new bodysuit every 3 months??"...and maybe you don't. BUT I will tell you, from my experience as a professional cheerleader, the mentality "look good feel good" is the truth! We wear the same uniform 80% of the time and are only allowed to express ourselves through our own clothes 20% of the time. I am determined to change that.

Once you become part of our TORCH Team you will have full access to not only your member exclusive pricing (we love $10 off), but also exclusive access to TORCH Team in-person events, a beautiful monthly newsletter, and a unwavering community of supportive women who are wear the same boots you do. Don't like it? Cancel it. Love it? Add more. Drawers full? Skip it. Your quarterly bodysuit is form-fitting, flexible, and fearless! Welcome to the TORCH Team, we're lucky to have you. 

xoxo Haley